quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2014

The book is on the table (1)

There are many ways to do things. 
Your way, my way, the other ... Some people do differently than their own, others do as they want, that does not mean they make a wrong way. The sad thing is knowing that if not done the way you like it ... is not good and will have a fight. It is a continuous waste of time and emotion. 
Want me to say that your way is correct? 
I will say yes. I have better things to do than fight for the Mr. Right's trophy. Mr. or Mrs. Right is usually a boring that separates friends. 
Yet, still upset, you're right or not. 
Say sorry. I have better things to do than argue over nothing. 
Take care of yourself. In general those who believe that their way is the only right way ends up alone or unloved. There are a thousand ways of doing things and wrong ways too, and among these a lot more options ... some good, some not. Probably I'm writing a very wrong way, but is a good start for those who are remembering how. The intention is good, better than the grammar. 
Being right is not the same as being happy. Sometimes it's good to have a bit of sympathy and good humor to those who are not competing in the " I knew ... I knew it!" Championship. 
Only hermits live in a perfect world where everything is done your way.

3 comentários:

  1. Right!
    And I just want to be happy, that´s all...

  2. Nem chegou por essas bandas e o blog j'a se internacionalizou???

    Uma tradu'c~aozinha para os menos " entendidos? ?

    Saudade mil.



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